URWatcher™, LOng Range, LOw Power RF Devices


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A Brief About Our RF Solutions

  • RF Canopy for Smart Grid Power Monitoring/Metering/Auditing

    URWatcher™ digital technology brings you Advanced Dedicated Long Range Low Power RF Canopy for Smart Grid Power that allows high reliable communication for the ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTION companies to carry their Metering Data connecting the entire GRID starting from HTL (High Tension Lines) to Low Tension lines for effective metering/auditing as well as monitoring.
    The Long Range Low Power RF Metering Devices built for this canopy will help in effectively carrying all the meter parameters to the End Remote Servers via Pure Long Range RF Network.

    What is being offered in the market by RF solution providers and its limitations:

    No. Drawbacks/Limitations
    1. The present RF technology covers a range of 100 to 200 meters.
    2. Every device (energy meter) has to be aligned to get line of sight to read number of meters either to create a Mesh or DCUs as interface.
    3. Require DCUs for further extension to reach the server.
    4. Again DCUs require GSM/GPRS network for last mile connectivity.
    5. The LoRa even though is long range, has a limitation in terms of data package, speed, public network and involves recurring cost and has no proper Network set-up so far.
    6. The RF communication offered currently requires integration with the meter manufacturers.

    What LTS’ advanced dedicated Long range Low Power RF offers.:

    No. Advantages
    1. It covers a range of up to 4 KMs in cities and 8 KMs. in rural Areas
    2. Has a long range spectrum hence by default the line of sight established.
    3. RF network can be further extended to third party usage within the same spectrum by specially designed LTS’ Plug-In Add-on device in the future.
    4. No Mesh..
    5. No DCU and hence NO dependency on GSM/GPRS network.
    6. Works on narrow band, transmitting data in Real-Time. (refreshing speed is in the order of 8 to 12 seconds).
    7. The LTS RF device/Tag not only acts as a data carrier but also has an built-in measuring device to capture all the electrical parameters as of an electronic meter.
    8. Real Time data acquisition to the Cloud Server.
    9. The LTS RF unit also conforms to IEEE 802.15.4G for smart grid power (FCC).
    10. Provides alerts/notifications at the time of power outages or tampers etc, and GPS location/Map in Real Time.
    11. Customized Reports can be generated and download in Real-Time for Auditing purposes.
    12. Emission power < 10dBmW (factory setting).

    List of parameters measured by the Canopy TAG

    Sl No. Parameter Name No of params
    1. Total Harmonic Distortions (voltage) 1
    2. Total Harmonic Distortions (Current) 1
    3. Individual Harmonics like (3rd,5th, 7th,9th) for Voltage 4
    4. Individual Harmonics like (3rd,5th, 7th,9th) for Current 4
    5. Load Imbalance between Phases 3
    6. Oil Temperature 1
    7. Oil Quality 1
    8. Oil level 1
    9. Winding temperature 1
    10. Position of the Tap changer.(5 positions) 1
    11. Power Factor 1
    12. Active power (1-2-3) each phase 3
    13. Reactive power (1-2-3) each phase 3
    14. Apparent power (1-2-3) each phase 3
    15. Active Energy (1-2-3) each phase 3
    16. Reactive Energy (1-2-3) each phase 3
    18. Apparent Energy (1-2-3) each phase 3
    19. RMS Voltage (1-2-3) each phase 3
    20. RMS Current (1-2-3) each phase 3
    21. Angle Leading/Lagging Degrees between 3 phase 3
    22. Time lag between the 3 phases 3

    Comparison between URWatcher™ - Power TAG Vs Other EMS

    Features URWATCHER™ - Power Other EMS
    Hardware URWATCHER™ 3 phase Tag/Meter can monitor almost all parameters of the Transformer, and it directly takes input from the phase lines via the CT’s There are no modems or sim cards involved as data is directly transferred via the RF technology over a long distance. Extremely small dimension PCB 95mm x 85mm x 20mm Extremely low power consumption (< 5 watts). Monitors only limited number of parameters. Modems and SIM cards are involved for transmitting the data over long distances making it dependant on 3rd party cellular network. More than 5 times the Size of URWatcher 3 phase Tag/Meter Power consumption is relatively high because of the additional modems required.
    Dependency Has a dedicated RF network which cannot be hacked or jammed with a highly sophisticated encryption standard. Uses a 3rd party cellular network for GPRS technology for transmitting the data packets, making it vulnerable to network attacks.
    Transmission Reliability The independent RF network makes the device highly reliable for data transition. Uses repeaters for very long distances The device is highly dependent on 3rd party cellular network making it highly unreliable especially in rural areas
    Compatibility It is compatible with every potential transformer Compatible only with transformers having integrated meters with RS232 serial outputs.
    Periodic maintenance cost Independent RF network, completely eliminates the maintenance cost, making it extremely cost effective Monthly recharge of the SIM cards is required.
    Reporting System Customized reports available to clients Software generated basic reports available
    User Interface Professionally designed intuitive User interface Basic interface
    Communication Wireless via RF and Smart Sensor Technology Mostly Wired systems / Cellular based GPRS communication
    Remote Access Available (Cloud computing) Not available in most of systems
    Alert System Available(SMS , Email alerts) On screen alerts
    Additional Features In house analysis leading to energy efficiency No special Features
    Additional Applications Theft of power, non-functioning of Transformers or any customization accordingly Not available
    Preferred Installation location Can be installed to a transformer in any location Rural or Urban area (city/town/village) no need for any other meters Can only be used in Urban areas since GPRS services will be very poor in villages and rural areas.
    Type of /monitoring HT and LT both Only LT
    Installation Takes 15 to 20 mins (can directly be connected to any PT(potential transformer) Requires additional connections via specific Meters with RS 484 ports
    Maintenance Minimum (no monthly maintenance). Monthly maintenance


    URWatcher™ Vibration/Motion TAG forms an integral part of the supervisory control and data acquisition (aka SCADA) system,
    this TAG can be connected to any device/devices that requires a vibration/Motion monitoring the resulting digital signals resulting from these TAG can travel several kilometer to reach the Control Centers
    the dimension of these TAG’s are not bigger than a Match Box size.

    Although there are practically endless applications to these devices.
    Below listed are a few major applications where these devices can be best suited for.

    1. 1. Art Work/Sculpture tracking: Since these TAG’s are meant to detect vibration/motion, it plays a vital role in the field of artwork tracking, the Matchbox size dimension of these TAG’s makes them an excellent choice for tracking of Artwork/Sculptures in Museums.

      These devices work in real-time, with a periodic data intervals of 3-5 seconds without packet loss.

      Any vibration/Motion at the artwork/Sculpture is instantly detected and an alarm is immediately generated in the control station indicating the possibility of theft.

    2. 2. ATM (Cash Machine) Theft detection: These TAG’s can be easily mounted anywhere on the ATM Machines due to its compact size, during any theft scenarios wherein the ATM machine is picked up from the ground, the TAG detects the Vibration/Motion induced in doing so,
      and immediately an ALARM is generated preventing the possibility of the theft.

      All of the detection work in real-time and will be sent to the control station which can be several kilometers away.

    3. 3. Vibration Detection in PipeLines: Pipelines that are constructed under tunnels can be subjected to leakage or breakage under some hazardous weather conditions, the minute vibration/motion detection capability of the URWatcher™ Vibration/Motion TAG makes it an excellent choice for this purpose.

      The Alerting thresholds for the Vibration/Motion Tag for generating alarms can all be configured in the Software section.

    Solar/Wind Energy.

    Solar Energy is a rising Energy Source these days because of it renewable form, A lot of establishments have already come up with the solar power plants delivering tons of kilo/Mega Watt of power Every day for general as well as commercial uses.

    The Earth receives 174,000 terawatts (TW) of incoming solar radiation (insolation) at the upper atmosphere. Approximately 30% is reflected back to space while the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans and land masses. The spectrum of solar light at the Earth's surface is mostly spread across the visible and near-infrared ranges with a small part in the near-ultraviolet. Most people around the world live in areas with insolation levels of 150 to 300 watts per square meter or 3.5 to 7.0 kWh/m2 per day.

    Solar Energy without a doubt is the best form of clean Energy we can produce, since solar energy is completely natural, it is considered a clean energy source. It does not disrupt the environment or create a threat to Eco-systems the way oil and some other energy sources might. It does not cause greenhouse gases, air or water pollution. The small amount of impact it does have on the environment is usually from the chemicals and solvents that are used during the manufacture of the photovoltaic cells that are needed to convert the sun's energy into electricity. This is a small problem compared to the huge impact that one oil spill can have on the environment.

    The most important part of any Energy Manufacturer is the ability to know the performance of the system and have it all under control, with the right calculations of how much of what energy is finally produced by the system, and to obtain the right figures, this is where the URWatcher™ Solar Energy TAG comes in. This Tag will be connected to the Output End of the Solar Energy production system, right after the Inverters into the distribution box, and is powered by the same system.

    The Tag reads all the energy parameters via the CT’s in the distribution box and computes almost all parameters in an Energy monitoring system that possibly can.

    URWatcher™ Solar Energy TAG is almost significantly a 3P-MAX-LPLR Tag with Solar power integration enabled, all the parameters monitored by this TAG is the same as of 3P-MAX-LPLR TAG used in SMART GRID TRANSFORMER monitoring. Click here to get a list of parameters monitored. All of these parameters combined will give you a clear idea to your Solar Energy Manufacturing System, and its performance.


    The URWatcher™ Temperature/humidity/luminosity TAG is a tiny Matchbox size TAG, capable of detecting the Temperature, humidity and luminosity of the apparatus that it is placed in,
    the external thermocouple sensor integrated in the Tag is capable of detecting a temperature of -40 °C to around +1600 °C.
    Which makes it an ideal device in the industries that have boilers or furnaces whose temperature needs to be monitored,
    the practical implications of this TAG is almost infinite.

    The Humidity Sensor of this Tag can detect any sort of humid environment,
    the humidity thresholds (percentage) can all be configured in the URWatcher Software for setting up Alarms,
    the practical applications of these TAG’s are very vast in number (eg: In the Automobile painting plants to monitor humidity levels, Milk Manufacturing plants and lot more..)

    The Luminosity sensor of TAG can be used to measure the brightness levels of any equipment,
    the luminous threshold levels can all be configured in the URWatcher Software.

    Hospital Management

    Yes, apart from tracking babies or keeping their safety, our solution not only monitors in Real Time but also helps you manage the functioning of the Hospital better, thereby earning revenues and time.
    Here are the list of various Hospital Management Solutions offered.

    1. 1. Blood Bag Tracking
    2. 2. Patient/Doctors/Caretakers Tracking/Movements
    3. 3. Tracking medical equipment/surgical instruments

    Railway Fishplate/Wagon

    The URWatcher™ Fishplate Tags are small RF Devices best suited for monitoring the Health of the Fishplates on the Rails,
    these tiny devices are placed inside the Fishplates and are designed to detect the contact and the proximity of the Fishplates that they are put in.

    The TAGs send the health of the Fishplates over RF to the control station that are several kilo-metes far away.
    Any breakage in the Rails will be detected by these TAGs and will be alerted immediately in real-time to the control stations.
    Fish Plates on the rails of the goods trains are subjected to De-railments which is a perpetual problem.
    Our solution can sense the De-railments 1 km before the tampered Fish Plate and the Engine can be brought to an halt with ease.
    A single derailment can run into huge losses.

    Wagon Tracking - Our solutions will identify the position of the Wagon and how long it has been idle. By giving an alarm utility of the Wagons can be put to better use.