URWatcher™, LOng Range, LOw Power RF Devices


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Our RF Solutions

  • Smart Grid Power

    Our URWatcher™ digital technology allows two-way communication between an UTILITY and its Customers, thereby connecting the entire GRID from HTL (High Tension Lines) to Low Tension lines.
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    A match box size RF tag perticularly choosen for vibration can detect the slightest of the vibration.
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    Hospital Management

    apart from tracking babies or keeping their safety, our solution not only monitors in Real Time but also helps you manage the functioning of the Hospital better, thereby earning revenues and time.
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  • Solar/Wind Energy.

    In Real Time monitoring the performance of Solar Energy is necessary to ensure the forecast conversion efficiency, as well as the performance of the entire system.
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    Our URWatcher™ Temperature Tag can be used to measure very low/High Temperatures with Humidity and Luminosity.
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    Railway Fishplate/Wagon

    The URWatcher™ Fishplate Tags are small RF Devices best suited for monitoring the Fishplates on the Rails, these devices are placed inside the Fishplates and are designed to detect the contact and proximity of the Fishplate they are put in.
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Ultra LOng Range, LOw Power Repeater (UHF TX/RX-RFID 865-867Mhz)

The Ultra LOng Range, Low Power Repeater is used for Long distance Transmission/Reception TO and FROM the RFID TAGs, It consists of a USB port interface for power and dual SMA ports for antenna connectivity, The antennas are usually High Gain Antennas for Long Distances (not shown in the picture), and Whip Antennas for Short Distances.
Following are some of the characteristis of the UHF Repeater