URWatcher™, LOng Range, LOw Power RF Devices


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Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the distance or range that the Tag/Device can read.?

Our Active RF TAG/Device can read upto 15 kms in Rural area, with Repeater can reach upto 50 kms, please keep in mind that the read range varies based on Antenna elevations and line of sight, between Transmission and Reception.

Apart from the solutions mentioned in the website, what other industries can the Active RF TAGs useful for.?

Our Active RF TAG/Device are not in any way restricted to the applications mentioned on the Website, they can be further used for any industrial level monitoring systems that you may feel necessary because of its compactness, extreme sensitivity and low power requirement.

What is LO Technology all about ? does this mean LO cost.?

'LO' is an acronym for our analog and digital signaling technology indicating; LOng Range, LOw power, LOw maintenance, LOw cost, LOads of data transmission.

What is the size of the packet transmitted.?

The size of a packet is one Octet, Packets are typically sent over a baud rate of 10, 38 or 50kbps depending on the type of RF TAGS/devices used.

Are there any live projects in the Smart Grid Power.?

A few in India, Gulf and Africa on Pilots and are under observation and should soon go live.

Can this monitoring system work with Solar.?

Yes, Infact we are doing a Pilot in India, any machine that needs or requires to be monitored in real time, we provide solutions and customise too.

What does your solution contain and how does it work.?

A hardware RF device comes in three sizes Max, Mid, Min. along with Antenna, RF module and Reader and Application software. Its easy to connect and use.

Is your solution an answer to AMR or AMI.?

Yes, AMR and AMI is nothing but single phase domistic meter. since we have all the expertise 3 phase monitoring system, this can done with ease, and if there is a huge volume.

Does the Active RF TAGS/Devices work in Real-Time.?

Yes, usually the periodic reading are between 3 to 30 seconds intervals.

Additional information

LOng Range, LOw Power, LOw Maintenance, LOads of data transmission..!!

LO is a Acronym analog and digital signalling technology ;LOw cost, LOw power, LOads of data transmission, LOng Read Range, LOw maintenance.
Today we are proud to achieve the milestone of 50+ Kms Read Range.
Building complex solutions around LO is what we offer, Clients get what they need and not take what they get.
We offer clients Real Time monitoring and Managing of Machines to enable them to optimise the revenues and efficiencies of any machine.
We Create, offer expertise, customise, design & develop, combine technologies to offer feasible and low cost long range solutions.