URWatcher™, LOng Range, LOw Power RF Devices


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URWatcher™ Radio Frequency Network Canopy for SMART GRID Power.
Low Power, Active RFID 3phase Tag for SMART GRID Power monitoring.
URWatcher™ Vibration/Motion Tag is used for Tracking Highly valuable Art-Works.


about us.

We have spread our wings globally in the last decade. Our Boston based R&D is headed by Marc B who has over 25 years of experience in Designing systems ranging from Ultra-low noise analog electronics detecting single photons and electrons up to FPGAs based supercomputers processing many gigabytes per second with nanoseconds latency.
LO is our analog and digital signalling technology:- LOng Range, LOw power, LOw maintenance, LOw cost, LOads of data transmission
Today we are proud to achieve the milestone of 50+ Kms Read Range. Building complex solutions around LO is what we offer.
Clients get what they need and not take what they get. We offer clients Real Time monitoring and Managing of Machines to enable them to optimise the revenues and efficiencies of any machine.
We Create, offer expertise, customise, design & develop, combine technologies to offer feasible and low cost long range solutions.
Based on our successfuly innovation in the Smart-Grid Transformer solutions; it is undoubetedly clear to Clients about our technical expertise and research capabilities.